Polite requests in Mandarin Chinese

How to Politely Ask Someone to Do Something in Chinese

In Practical Chinese Phrases by Angel Huang

Need to ask for help, but don’t want to sound too “pushy”?

In this video you’ll learn 4 common ways of making polite requests in Chinese.

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Word-For-Word Breakdown of the Polite Phrases From The Video

 我只是想善意地提醒你一下 wǒ zhǐ shì xiǎng shàn yì de tí xǐng nǐ yī xià. I just wanted to kindly remind you.

  • 我 wǒ: I
  • 只是 zhǐ shì: only / just
  • 想 xiǎng: to want 
  • 善意地  shàn yì de: kindly
  • 提醒  tí xǐng: to remind
  • 你  nǐ: you
  • 一下  yī xià: a bit

麻烦你帮我签收一下快递 má fán nǐ bāng wǒ qiān shōu yī xià kuài dì. I'm sorry to bother you to help me get my express delivery.

  • 麻烦 má fán: to trouble or bother sb
  • nǐ: you
  • bāngto help 
  • me
  • 签收 qiān shōuto sign for the acceptance of sth (e.g. a delivery etc)
  • 一下 yī xiàa bit
  • 快递 kuài dìexpress delivery

BONUS: Download MP3 + PDF to Review This Lesson Anytime

你介意帮我倒杯咖啡吗? nǐ jiè yì bāng wǒ dào bēi kā fēi ma? Would you mind helping me get a cup of coffee?

  • 你 nǐ: you
  • 介意 jiè yì: to mind
  • bāngto help 
  • me
  • dào to pour
  • bēicup
  • 咖啡  kā fēicoffee
  • maquestion particle

如果您能帮我遛狗那就完美了! rú guǒ nín néng bāng wǒ liù gǒu ,nà jiù wán měi le ! It would be perfect if you could help walk my dog!

  • 如果 rú guǒ: if
  • nín: you (courteous, as opposed to informal 你[nǐ])
  • néngcan 
  • bāngto help
  •  me
  • 遛狗 liù gǒuto walk a dog
  • that
  • jiùjust (emphasis)
  • 完美 wán měiperfect
  • leparticle

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