Hi, I'm Angel Huang

Co-founder of Mandarin HQ


You've Been Learning Mandarin Chinese for Some Time but...
  • get discouraged when you talk to native speakers because you struggle to make sense of what they say or don't know how to respond
  • want to speed up the process of understanding spoken Chinese so that you can have meaningful conversations with native speakers 
  • feel like the learning materials you're using don't prepare you for how the language is actually spoken in the real world...

I'm Here to Help You Bridge the Gap Between Textbook Chinese and Real Spoken Chinese.

What do I mean by Real spoken Chinese?

I'm talking about...

  • unscripted, spontaneous and fast speech
  • filler words, hesitations and incomplete sentences
  • "incorrect" grammar, slang and regional accents
  • real people, real opinions and real feelings...

In other words, I'm talking about the kind of Mandarin you need to understand to be able to confidently communicate, socialize and build relationships with Chinese friends, colleagues, customers, love interests...

My main focus at Mandarin HQ is to expose you to real spoken Chinese, and give you the tools you need to make sense of it. Simple as that.

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About Angel Huang

Angel was born and raised in China. She has a degree in Mandarin Chinese Language Teaching and 17+ years of teaching experience in China and Sweden. Over the years, Angel has helped learners (ranging from high school freshmen to entrepreneurs and executives at Fortune 500 companies) from all over the world to connect and communicate with Chinese people using Mandarin and knowledge of Chinese culture.

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