The Chinese Pronunciation Gym Tone Transformations 

Build the Foundation You Need to Use Tones Confidently & Correctly

If you're just getting started learning tones, or have struggled with them in the past… This course will help you get over your hurdles so you can sound natural and be easily understood by native speakers.

The Real Spoken Chinese Vault 

What If You Could Understand Mandarin Speakers in ConversationEven When They Speak Fast!

Get tuned into real-world Chinese and... 

  • train your brain to process what people say at natural speed (so you don't have to ask them to repeat & slow down all the time)
  • get used to a variety of accents and voices (so you can understand most Mandarin speakers you meet)
  • pick up new vocabulary and grammar naturally (including common slang & "filler words" you won't learn from your textbook!)