How to Learn Chinese with Songs Guide

How to Learn Chinese with Songs: Easy Step-By-Step Guide

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If you've ever wanted to learn Chinese with songs but found it too challenging, this lesson is for you. Today, we're going to dive into the world of music and discover how to learn Chinese with songs! Let's hit the right notes together 😊

Summary Of Asking "How to Learn Chinese with Songs: EASY Step-By-Step Guide " From The Video Above

#1: Choose a song that you like

It’s good if the song is simple and the pronunciation is clear.

But the most important thing… is that you have the lyrics. Highlight a link to lyrics from our website and click to show the lyrics.

For now, let’s go with a classic. 

"思念是一种病 sī niàn shì yī zhǒng bìng" (by 张震岳 zhāng zhèn yuè & 蔡健雅 cài jiàn yǎ) Missing is a type of illness

Now that we have a song, let’s move to step two:

#2: Listen to the song without looking at the lyrics.

You can listen to the whole song or focus on one part at a time. 

After listening a few times… And maybe understanding a few words

It’s time for step 3.

#3: Listen to the song while following along with the lyrics.

This step gives you a chance to compare what you heard… to what they were actually singing. 

Now, if you have the English translation, listen again while reading the translation.

But what if I don’t have the English translation or pinyin? 

just copy and paste the lyrics into a translation tool.

Show copying and pasting it into Google Translate and highlight the English and pinyin section. 

And if you want the pinyin to appear above the characters, paste it into an annotation tool: MandarinSpot 

Now after listening and following along with the lyrics, the next step is to... Analyze the language

#4: Analyze the language.

Now you highlight unknown words and phrases… highlighting words & phrases in MandarinSpot and find out what they mean. 

And when you’re clear about the meaning, it’s time for step 5.

#5: Speak the lyrics out loud. 

This step is for practicing pronunciation. 

Read the words from the clip played in the previous steps

So you can use the pinyin as a guide. Highlight pinyin

But you can also paste the lyrics into a free text-to-speech tool: NaturalReaders and show pasting it into the box tool. This way you get a spoken model to imitate. 

After speaking the lyrics out loud…   

#6: Sing along.

 It's Karaoke time. Sing along.

If you can make a personal connection with the words, you’ll remember them more easily.

And that brings me to the final step.

#7: Practice & use new words from the song .

You can add useful words & phrases to vocabulary lists or flashcards… Tool of vocab lists and flashcards: Quizlet 

and try to use them in conversation to really make the most of what you’ve learned! 

And there you have it. 7 steps to learning Chinese with songs.

How to Learn Chinese with Songs Guide

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