Struggling To Understand Chinese Speakers In Conversation?

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Hey, it’s Angel Huang of Mandarin HQ. Over the years, I’ve noticed that "not understanding native speakers" is a big problem for many students — a problem that keeps them from using the language to connect with people.

From working with students who needed to get their listening ability up to scratch quickly, I’ve learned some lessons on what works.

"How do I build the skills and confidence to understand Mandarin speakers in conversation?

Today, I invite you to learn the exact strategies and techniques you can use to upgrade your comprehension faster. I'll share with you:

  • Why most learners struggle to make sense of natural spoken Chinese.
  • How to avoid common "listening practice pitfalls" that will seriously slow down your progress.
  • The types of listening materials to use if you want to understand regular people. (Not just teachers, sympathetic speaking partners & the voice actors you hear in scripted textbook dialogues...)
  • A simple 4-step framework you can follow to ensure you practise listening effectively.
  • Much more...

Yes, show me how to improve my Chinese listening ability.