Make PROMISES in Chinese

How to Make PROMISES in Chinese

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Today, we're diving into an essential aspect of Mandarin Chinese - making promises. Promises are a part of our daily conversations, and knowing how to make them in Mandarin can significantly enhance your communication skills.

Whether you're promising to finish a task or assuring someone of your plans, understanding the right phrases and their usage is crucial.

Summary Of "Making Promises in Mandarin Chinese" From The Video Above

First, let’s look at the verb 承诺 (chéngnuò). This means "to promise"or "to pledge".


chéngnuò wǒ huì bāng nǐ de.


I promise I will help you.

chéngnuò wèi nǐ tígōng zuì hǎo de jiànyì.


I promise to provide you with the best advice.

But how about when you want to assure someone that you will definitely do something? In that case, you can use 一定 (yídìng).


yídìng huì qù de.


I will definitely go.

yídìng huì bāng zhù nǐ wán chéng zhè ge xiàng mù.


I will definitely help you complete this project.

Another useful phrase is "我保证 (Wǒ bǎozhèng)", which means "I guarantee"or "I assure".


Wǒ bǎozhèng wǒ bù huì chídào.


I assure you I won't be late.

bǎozhèng ànshí wánchéng suǒyǒu de gōngzuò.


He guarantees that all the work will be done on time.

Now, if it’s a very serious situation you can also use "我发誓 (wǒ fāshì)" which translates to "I swear"


Wǒ fāshì bǎohù nǐ de yǐnsī.


I swear to protect your privacy.

Wǒ fāshì bǎoshǒu mìmì.


I swear to keep the secret.

Alright, now we’ve covered the most common ways to make promises in Chinese.

Summary of the Chinese phrases covered in the lesson:

我承诺 (Wǒ chéngnuò)...

我一定 (Wǒ yídìng)...

我保证 (Wǒ bǎozhèng)...

我发誓 (Wǒ fāshì)...

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