Can You Pass The Chinese Vocabulary Test? | Take The Vocab Challenge! (Part 2)

In Chinese Slang, Practical Chinese Phrases by Angel Huang

If you’ve been following my Chinese slang series, you may already know many of these words and expressions!

If not, here’s a great opportunity to build your vocabulary and boost your spoken Chinese.

Answer Key & More Examples

You'll find more video examples of how the vocabulary is used here:

Looking for a concise answer key? Here you go:

1. 酷 kù: cool

2. 抠门儿 kōu ménr: stingy

3. 炒鱿鱼 chǎo yóu yú: (coll.) to be fired / to fire

4. 土 tǔ: outdated / old-fashioned / out of touch

5. 悲催 bēi cuī: unfortunate / unhappy / unpleasant

6. 撒娇 sā jiāo: act in a childish, cutesy and coaxing way to get what you want

7.  拍马屁 pāi mǎ pì: to suck up to someone

8. 臭美 chòu měi: to flatter oneself 

9. 吹牛 chuī niú: to brag / to talk big 

10. 圈粉 quān fěn: to get fans / to attract fans

11. 没门儿 méi ménr: no way / impossible (lit. no + door)

12. 菜鸟 cài niǎo: newbie / beginner (lit. vegetable + bird)

13. 不感冒 bù gǎn mào: not interested (lit. no + cold)

14. 哥们儿 gē menr: bro / bros

15. 夜猫子 yè māo zi: night owl (lit. night + cat)

16. 马路杀手 mǎ lù shā shǒu: reckless driver (lit. road + killer)

17. 给力 gěi lì:  awesome (lit. give + power)

18. 放...鸽子 fàng...gē zi: stand someone up (lit. release... pigeon)

19. 白菜价 bái cài jià: a great deal / a steal (lit. Chinese cabbage + price)

20. 收拾烂摊子 shōu shí làn tān zi: clean up the mess

21. 学霸 xué bà: top student (lit. study lord)

22. 学渣 xué zhā:hopeless student (lit. study dreg)

23. 菜 cài:(one's) type (lit. dish)

24. 炸 zhà: dope / lit / explosive (lit. to explode)

25. 剧透 jù tòu:plot leak / spoiler /  to spoil

26. 绝了 jué le:absolutely amazing

27. 暖男 nuǎn nán:considerate and caring guy (lit. warm + man)

28. 渣男 zhā nán:douchebag / scumbag (male) (lit. dreg man)

29. 大姨妈 dà yí mā:menstruation / period (lit. great aunt)

30. 剩女 shèng nǚ:"leftover woman" (successful career woman who has remained single)