How to Combine Multiple Adjectives in Mandarin Chinese

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When you want to describe a person, a place or a thing in Chinese, chances are you’ll use adjectives to do it.

In this video we look at 3 ways of putting together multiple adjectives in simple, natural-sounding sentences.

Tip: After watching, try to make a sentence or two of your own for practice. If you like, post it in the comment section for feedback 🙂

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3 Simple Ways To Combine Adjectives in Chinese Sentences  (with examples)

#1 The "的 de" Particle

Example 1:


yī zuò xīn de, piào liàng de fáng zi.

A beautiful new house.

Example 2:


tā yǒu yī zhī kě ài de, hēi sè de māo.

She has a cute black cat.

#2 "又 yòu... 又yòu..." ("both... and..." ) / ("...and...")

Example 1:


zhè shì yī zuò yòu piào liàng yòu xīn de fáng zi.

It’s a beautiful (and) new house.

Example 2:


wǒ yào yī gè yòuyòu hóng de píng guǒ.

I want a big (and) red apple.

Example 3:


tā shì yī gè yòu cōng míng yòu qín láo de lǎo bǎn.

He’s a smart and hardworking boss.

#3 Combine adjectives with但 dàn(but), when they have a contradictory meaning

Example 1:


zhè shì yī zuò piào liàng de, dàn hěn guì de fáng zi.

This is a beautiful but expensive house.

Example 2:


zhè shì yī dào hěn là de, dàn hěn hǎo chī de cài.

This dish is very spicy but tasty.

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