Authentic Chinese Street Interviews: A 45 Sec Chat with a SPICY HOTPOT Vendor in Sichuan

In Authentic Street Interviews by Angel Huang

Ever heard this Chinese expression..?

一菜一味,百菜百味 yī cài yī wèi, bǎi cài bǎi wèi

lit. One dish, one flavour. One hundred dishes, one hundred flavours.

It’s used to describe one of the “8 great regional Chinese cuisines":

川菜 chuān cài (Sichuan cuisine)

As you may already know…

川菜 chuān cài has a reputation for it’s incredible variety, and is particularly famous for its hot, spicy and numbing flavours.

A good example of this is 麻辣烫 má là tàng (“numbing & spicy soup/hot pot”)...

"麻辣烫 má là tàng" broth

… and in the video below I chat with the owner of a small streetside 麻辣烫 má là tàng restaurant in Chengdu.

Press play to practice your listening ability and pick up some common words and phrases used to talk about food and flavours in Mandarin.

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