10 Chinese Phrases to Express Well Wishes and Season’s Greetings

In Practical Chinese Phrases by Angel Huang

Have a look this list of “well wishes and season’s greetings” phrases. How would you say each one in Chinese?

  • Have a nice weekend!
  • Have a nice trip!
  • (I) Wish you good luck!
  • Have fun!
  • I hope so!
  • Congratulations!
  • Happy Birthday!
  • Merry Christmas!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Happy New Year!

Press play and compare your answers to the phrases presented in the video:

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Here's a list of the phrases from the video:

  • 周末快乐 zhōu mò kuài lè  (Have a nice weekend!)
  • 祝旅途愉快 zhù lǚ tú yú kuài! (Have a nice trip!)
  • 祝你好运 zhù nǐ hǎo yùn (Wish you good luck!)
  • 玩得很开心 wán de hěn kāi xīn (Have fun!)
  • 我希望如此 wǒ xī wàng rú cǐ (I hope so!)
  • 恭喜恭喜 gōng xǐ gōng xǐ (Congratulations!)
  • 生日快乐 shēng rì kuài lè (Happy birthday!)
  • 圣诞(节)快乐  shèng dàn (jié) kuài lè! (Merry Christmas!)
  • 情人节快乐 qíng rén jié kuài lè! (Happy Valentine’s Day!)
  • 新年快乐 xīn nián kuài lè! (Happy New Year!)

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