Can You Pass The Chinese Vocabulary Test? | Take The Vocab Challenge!

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Do you know these casual Chinese words and expressions? 

If you’ve been following my Mandarin slang series, you’ve probably learnt some of them already!

If not, here’s a great opportunity to build your vocab and boost your spoken Chinese.

Answer Key & More Examples

  1. 1
    装逼 zhuāng bī:To pretend to be something you're not. (e.g. cool, rich or capable)
  2. 2
    二货 èr huò: an idiot/ a fool/ a stupid person 
  3. 3
    牛 niúawesome/ amazing / really cool (literal meaning: cow)
  4. 4
    作  zuō: dramatic (and troublesome)
  5. 5
    萌 méng: cute
  6. 6
    神 nán shén & 女神 nǚ shén: An ideal man/ the epitome of a man & An ideal woman/ the epitome of a woman
  7. 7
    靠谱 kào pǔ: reliable/ reasonable 
  8. 8
    小鲜肉 xiǎo xiān ròu & 老腊肉 lǎo là ròu: A young and handsome guy  & An old, handsome, and experienced man (literal meaning: small fresh meat)  & (literal meaning: tough cured meat)
  9. 9
    吐槽 tù cáo: to complain/ to roast/ to criticize
  10. 10
    吃土 chī tǔ: To be dirt poor (literal meaning: eat dirt)
  11. 11
    套路 tào lù: to deceive / to play tricks / trickery
  12. 12
    键盘侠 jiàn pán xiá: Keyboard Warrior / Keyboard Man / Internet Troll
  13. 13
    开撕 kāi sī:to have a beef with somebody / to be irritated with somebody / / to have a row(literal meaning: to open + to tear)
  14. 14
    心灵鸡汤 xīn líng jī tāng: "chicken soup for the soul" /a soul soother/ a motivational speech(literal meaning: soul + chicken soup) 
  15. 15
    为...打call wèi... dǎ call: to show one's support / to cheer for someone
  16. 16
    补刀 bǔ dāo: to attack someone who’s already under fire/ to rub salt in the wound(literal meaning: Add knife)
  17. 17
    戏精 xì jīng: a drama queen / a person who is good at acting(literal meaning: drama + an expert)
  18. 18
    宅 zhái: to hang out at home / to prefer to stay at home rather than go out /a bit anti-social or "homebodyish"(literal meaning: house / to reside)
  19. 19
    单身狗 dān shēn gǒu: a single woman / a single man(literal meaning: single dog)
  20. 20
    吃货 chī huò: foodie
  21. 21
    富二代 fù èr dài: A (spoiled) person who got their wealth from their parents
    lit. "rich second generation"
  22. 22
    比心 bǐ xīn: a finger heart sign for showing your positive feelings, like love or happiness. lit. "make your fingers look like a heart shape" 
  23. 23
    巨 jù: super / really / extremely. lit. "very large / huge / tremendous"
  24. 24
    耍 shuǎ: kid / tease / play a trick on
  25. 25
    亲 qīn: darling /dear
  26. 26
    干货 gān huò: great stuff. lit. "dry goods / dried fruit, nuts etc"
  27. 27
    毒舌 dú shé: a sharp tongue  (The characteristic of speaking to others in a harsh, critical, or insulting manner). lit. "poison tongue"
  28. 28
    佛系 fó xì: buddha-like being kind-hearted / having an "anything will do" attitude. lit. "buddha department"
  29. 29
    砍价 kǎn jià: bargain
  30. 30
    尬聊 gà liáo: have an awkward conversation