8 Ways to Say “You’re Welcome!” in Chinese

In Practical Chinese Phrases by Angel Huang

When someone thanks you in Chinese, there’s a number of polite ways to say “You’re Welcome”. 

In this video you’ll learn the 8 most common and useful ones!

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A Summary of the Phrases from the video

不用谢!bù yòng xiè!You're welcome! / Don't mention it!

不用 bù yòng: need not
谢 xiè:  to thank 

谢什么呢!xiè shén me ne!You're welcome! / "Why are you thanking me?"

谢 xiè: to thank
什么 shén me: what
呢 ne: question particle

小意思!xiǎo yì sī!It's no big deal!

小 xiǎo: small
意思 yì sī: meaning

不客气!bù kè qì!You're welcome! / "Don't be polite!"

不 bù: not
客气 kè qì: polite / courteous

不用客气!bù yòng kè qì!You're welcome! / "Don't be polite"

不用 bù yòng: need not
客气 kè qì: polite / courteous

你太客气了!nǐ tài kè qì le!You're welcome / "You're extremely polite!"

你 nǐ: you
太 tài: extremely
客气 kè qì: polite / courteous particle
了 le: particle

没事!méi shì!It's nothing. / It's no big deal!

没 méi: (negative prefix for verbs) / have not / not
事 shì: matter / thing

小事一桩!xiǎo shì yī zhuāng!It's nothing!

小事 xiǎo shì: trivial matter
一 yī: a

桩 zhuāng: measure word