Mandarin Chinese Street Interviews: “Are you good at singing?”

In Authentic Street Interviews by Angel Huang

Imagine this scenario:

A stranger stops you in the street and asks if it would be ok to film you while you answer a few questions as part of a project to help foreigners learn your native language. Let’s say that you agree to help out…

A couple of minutes into the interview you get asked if you’re good at singing and if you can sing something – on camera. Would you say ‘yes’?

To me, personally, it wouldn’t come easy… so as we hit the streets of the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen asking people those exact questions, I really wasn’t sure what kind of answers to expect.

Find out what some of the interviewees said – or sang – in the video below! (Tip: Listen to the answers several times. Don’t read the subtitles the first time…)


Note: If you want to review this lesson on the go, the audio (along with a pdf transcript) is available to download below.